MiTeC SMBIOS Explorer
Full-featured SMBIOS Explorer and analyzer.
  • SMBIOS Explorer (SMBE) offers powerful SMBIOS (System Management BIOS) exploring its data in hexadecimal mode, as data converted to structures respecting SMBIOS versions or as fully user-readable translated data in comprehensive browser.
  • SMBIOS data can be read from registry, WMI, ROM memory or using API functions (depends on operating system).
  • SMBIOS contains powerful data interpreter for easy data analysis and appropriate SMBIOS data is highlighted in hexadecimal view when table is selected and double-clicked. Also Table structure with current values is displayed.
  • Hexadecimal data can be searched for either text or byte patterns. Address jumper is also available.
  • When data is read, brief system information summary is collected and displayed above the hexadecimal view.
  • SMBIOS data can be saved for further analysis to plain/compressed file.
  • There's also file scanner for better orientation in file base searching for either text or contained SMBIOS tables presence.
  • SMBIOS Identification Information overview collects all serial and asset numbers
  • SMBE is SMBIOS 3.5 compliant - it reads all implemented tables and its data up to SMBIOS specification version 3.5.
  • Unregistered (free) version allows only basic hexadecimal view with data interpreter and searching and data save/load after 14-day trial expiration.
Implemented SMBIOS tables
IDDescriptionManufacturerKnown structure
0BIOS InformationO.E.M.X
1System InformationO.E.M.X
2Base Board InformationO.E.M.X
3System Enclosure or ChassisO.E.M.X
4Processor InformationO.E.M.X
5Memory Controller InformationO.E.M.X
6Memory Module InformationO.E.M.X
7Cache InformationO.E.M.X
8Port Connector InformationO.E.M.X
9System SlotsO.E.M.X
10On Board Devices InformationO.E.M.X
11OEM StringsO.E.M.X
12System Configuration OptionsO.E.M.X
13BIOS Language InformationO.E.M.X
14Group AssociationsO.E.M.X
15System Event LogO.E.M.X
16Physical Memory ArrayO.E.M.X
17Memory DeviceO.E.M.X
1832-bit Memory Error InformationO.E.M.X
19Memory Array Mapped AddressO.E.M.X
20Memory Device Mapped AddressO.E.M.X
21Built-in Pointing DeviceO.E.M.X
22Portable BatteryO.E.M.X
23System ResetO.E.M.X
24Hardware SecurityO.E.M.X
25System Power ControlsO.E.M.X
26Voltage ProbeO.E.M.X
27Cooling DeviceO.E.M.X
28Temperature ProbeO.E.M.X
29Electrical Current ProbeO.E.M.X
30Out-of-Band Remote AccessO.E.M.X
31Boot Integrity Services (BIS) Entry PointO.E.M.X
32System Boot InformationO.E.M.X
3364-bit Memory Error InformationO.E.M.X
34Management DeviceO.E.M.X
35Management Device ComponentO.E.M.X
36Management Device Threshold DataO.E.M.X
37Memory ChannelO.E.M.X
38IPMI Device InformationO.E.M.X
39System Power SupplyO.E.M.X
40Additional InformationO.E.M.X
41On Board Devices Extended InformationO.E.M.X
42Management Controller Host Interface O.E.M.X
43TPM DeviceO.E.M.X
44Processor Additional InformationO.E.M.X
45Firmware Inventory InformationO.E.M.X
46String PropertyO.E.M.X
131Intel vProINTEL
131ThinkVantage Technologies feature bitsLENOVO
135Device Presence Detection bitsLENOVO
140ThinkPad Embedded Controller ProgramLENOVO
170Acer Hotkey FunctionACER
204HP ProLiant System/Rack LocatorHPX
209HP BIOS PXE NIC PCI and MAC InformationHPX
212HP 64-bit CRU InformationHPX
219HP ProLiant InformationHPX
221HP BIOS iSCSI NIC PCI and MAC InformationHPX
233HP BIOS PXE NIC PCI and MAC InformationHPX
208DELL Revisions and IDsDELLX
209DELL Parallel PortDELLX
210DELL Serial PortDELLX

Target platforms
Windows XP
Windows 2003
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows Server 2008
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows Server 2012
Windows Server 2012 R2
Windows 10
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2019
Windows 11


Free to use for private, educational and non-commercial purposes.
For other usage you should buy commercial license.
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